Empower your hair!

Your hair is amazingly versatile. The serie expert line of hair care prouducts and treatments allows you to reveal its true power. With its exclusive, high-precision molecular formulas, serie expert performs on the hair's three zones, penetrating to the very core of the fiber. The result is absolutely sublime hair!




  • Masque - $3.50
  • Complete Treatments - $20.00 +


Types of treatments: 


  • Vitamino Color, Color Equalise- Coloured hair

            Color equalise/ flawless color from the roots to the ends. This professional pre-color treatment is applied to and left on the hair before colouring. It acts on the hair's 3 zones, thanks to the combination of aha technology and incell, to smooth the hair's surface and strengthen the keratin links. The hair fiber is instantly smoother and more uniform, to insure a more consistent color result.

            Powerdose color/ An intense color- locking treatment for colour-treated hair. Powerdose color is used as a rinse out treatment after shampooing, on the day of a color service. The  combination of Ionene G technology and incell penetrates to the heart of the hair to instantly repair and strengthen the hair fiber, restoring its silkiness, resilience, and shine. The colour is locked in for a longer lasting result. Follow up at home with the vitamino color range.


  • Lumino Contrast/ Highlighted hair

         Powerdose Contrast/ Selective treatment to instantly repair and accentuate highlites. Thanks to its Nutriceride technology, this treatment targets the lipid level of weakend hair zones. Highlights are instantly nourished, protected, and more radient. Follow up at home with the Lumino contrast range.  


  • Liss Ultime/ frizzy,rebellious hair

         Power Define/ This technology contains Ceramide to rebuild and strengthen the hair's internal core to boost its resilience. The Amino-essence complex relaxes and adds suppleness to the hair fiber. A cationic agent moisturizes the cutical to smooth the hairs surface.  


  • Absolut Repair/ dry, sensitized hair

         Renew C/ Penetrating deep into the heart of the hair fiber, this professional pre- shampoo treatment acts on the hairs 3 zones to reestablish the keratin links in the cortex. its AHA lipid guard technology reinforces the hair fiber, penetrating deeply to repair it. the hair's lustrous texture is restored in an instant.

         Power Repair B/ Immediate repair after shampooing treatment. This rinse-out treatment transforms the hair instantaneously. The Neofibrine technology reinforces the inter-cellular cement. Fully nourished , the hair is soft, shiny, and easy to manage. follow up at home with the absolut repair range


  • Shine Curl/ naturally curly or permed hair

            Powerdose curl/ Derived from silicone for silky, brilliant results. Powerdose curl contains wheat protein, candelilla wax, nourishing grape seed extract and ceramind to instantly repair damaged curly hair and strengthen the hair's internal structure. The curls are instantly manageable, soft, silky,and ultra- natural. Tames even the most wayward curls and frizz for perfectly managed curls. Follow up at home with the shine curl range.


  • Shine Blonde/ Blonde hair

            Powershine blonde/ This single-dose restructuring treatment for damaged hair neutralizes unwanted yellow tones and repairs damaged hair. The results are pure, brilliant blonde tones and soft, shiny hair. it uses ceraflash technology and boasts a high concentration of ceramide R, along with an anti-hard water agent, yellow tone-neutralizing pigments, and lime extract. Follow up at home with the shine blonde range.


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  • Age Densiforce/ anti aging

            Power density/ Density enhancing formula gives the feeling of thicker, younger hair. Enhances the hair's body and shine for a prestyled effect. With 2 anti aging ingredients omega 6 and polyphenols they relese their full potential to strengthen and redensify the hair fiber. follow up at home with the age densiforce range.


  • Force Vector/ fragile, brittle hair

            force refill/ This treatment is used for clients whom have mechanically , thermal, chemically shocked, tramatized and weakend hair. with Incell, Royal Gelly and Glycocell technology. Force vector gives your hair 5 times more incell than your traditional shampoo, incell a biomimetic of intercellular cement, consolidates the hair fiber deep down to reinforce its resistance to breakage. follow up at home with the force vector range.


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